Pennsylvania’s Keystone Contractors Association is launching its first event drawing awareness to opioid issues. The event comes as the issue becomes acute both nationally and within the state—with construction more closely affected than other industries.
Pennsylvania’s construction industry is facing an opioid crisis of its own—and one of the state’s leading trade groups is speaking up about it in a prominent way.

Next week, the Keystone Contractors Association (KCA) is hosting Construction Opioid Awareness Week. The event, formally designated by a Pennsylvania House resolution last month, aims to draw attention to a problem that disproportionately affects those in the construction trade—the abuse of opioids.

The approach, says Executive Director Jon O’Brien, is built out of a sense of immediacy, as he’s seen the problem firsthand at multiple construction sites over the past two years.

“I remember going to back-to-back meetings at different sites, and both owners had… Read the full story here: