Teenage suicide rates are rising, and many families and friends who experience this terrible type of loss are often left feeling helpless not just after the death of their loved one, but before as well. The mental health treatment these youth need is harder to obtain than it should be, and one brave mother who lost her daughter brought this to Jason’s attention. That’s why Jason is pushing to enforce the current law on consent for mental health treatment for a minor.

House Bill 2126, or “Gabby’s Law,” would require the Department of Human Services to enforce the law that allows the parent, legal guardian, or child to consent to needed treatment. If a professional fails to follow the law, the professional would face a fine, which would increase for each violation.

“Our youth are dying. It is time we give parents the ability to get their children into treatment for the issues they are facing. It simply cannot wait any longer,” stated Jason.

You can learn more about “Gabby’s Law” here.