Jason’s constituents have come to him, and he’s seen the data: the opioid epidemic cannot wait, and all those involved must be held accountable. That’s why Jason has introduced two bills to take on this issue.

“Recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data shows Pennsylvania had the highest percentage increase in drug overdose deaths of any state from 2016 to 2017,” Jason said. “Even more startling is that 14 states saw a decrease in overdose deaths over the same time period.”

“The Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council today released a research brief showing hospitalizations for newborns suffering from drug withdrawal have increased more than 1,000 percent during the past 16 years. These newborns are more likely to face complications such as low-birth weight, prematurity, difficulty feeding, and respiratory distress. In addition, the average hospital stay was 17.1 days for these newborns as compared to 3.5 days for all other newborns. It is painfully obvious what we are doing to battle addiction is not working. We must try something new not just for those addicted, but for innocent babies too.”

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